Become a seller here at FXBOT.MARKET (FXBM) - sell your FX related products and services. Our model is simple; we provide a fair marketplace, tools for our participants, and charge 25% on all transactions based on the gross fee.  That means if you charge $100/month we take $25 and pay you $75.  We do all the billing, trade copy, customer support, and marketing.  Sellers pay nothing up front!  That means you have no reason not to sign up, as we are non-exclusive.

Common types of products we encourage for sale at FXBM:

  • FX Robots - Expert Advisors for MT4/MT5 (We call this "FX Trade Bot" our most common product)
  • Forex Signals Services (as self-traded trade copy)
  • Custom indicators
  • FX Software, Tools, Development resources
  • Services, such as Robot optimization, custom programming, FX consulting
  • Robot setups, template files, .set files, other ancillary products


Seller Terms & Conditions

February 2020 OFFER - First time sellers - There is NO FEE to launch your first product.  In addition, we will allocate a percentage of our online marketing budget to promote your product specifically.

There is a seller sign up fee currently set at $45 which includes the listing of one product on the marketplace; and a per product fee of $20 to add additional products. Sellers must adhere to our terms and conditions at all times, including our policies.

Any violation of policies can result in termination as a seller.

What IS allowed to sell:

  • Trade copy your strategy from MT4 or API and lease it to our customers for a flat monthly fee, or based on balance*
  • EAs as files, MT4 or MT5
  • Settings files
  • Indicators or other support systems
  • Trading books, software, or other trading related paraphernalia 

What is NOT allowed to sell:

  • Anything illegal
  • Investment services
  • Managed Accounts
  • Anything not related to FX or trading the markets
  • Affiliate programs - we want products loaded onto our marketplace. Please do not promote your affiliate links or affiliate relationships in connection with FXBM.
  • Foreign Currency, bonds, derivatives, or any financial product

What FXBM will do for you:

  • Bring you customers! FXBM has a global advertising network that spans more than 30 countries. Let us do the marketing so that you can focus on your core competency.
  • Provide support tools, such as hosted forums, ticketing system if needed, and other tools
  • Host everything you need to sell your product
  • Process payments - let's face it, payment processing can be a headache. FXBM will collect money from your customers with Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and send you your royalties every month.

Reasons why you should list your product:

  • Compete with us - we're non-exclusive. We don't force exclusivity on our sellers, that means if your product is listed on another marketplace, or sold on your website - that's fine. We just don't want you to circumvent our marketplace (for example, finding customers on and then contacting them and telling them to buy your product directly.)
  • Free exposure for your brand - once you pay the seller fee, there's no monthly cost or obligation to list your product here.
  • Credibility - you can claim 'as seen on'

Optional - seller enhancement paid premium services:

  • Track record verification (for signals) and compilation of verification reports - ($1,200)
  • Seller product website - ($2,500)
  • Dedicated Servers OR Virtual Private Servers (VPS) - Fee Varies

Features of Note @

  • We do accept Crypto systems, as long as they run on MT4/MT5 and the chosen broker supports the symbols
  • Our trade copy is the most simple in the business - just enter your details and our cloud copy service will connect to you automatically
  • We are a SAAS model which means pay per use.  No fees unless there is activity
  • FXBOT.MARKET is FinTech - Software as a Service (SAAS)