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A place to buy and sell algorithms

There’s a marketplace for just about everything now, why not bots?  There’s thousands of robots out there for traders for various markets, we’re starting with currencies but don’t want to stay with currencies forever.  FXBOT.MARKET is the world’s first “Robot Marketplace” where users can buy or sell trading algorithms.  Our model is simple, we charge only 25% from subscriptions and other fees generated by sellers.  Sellers set their own terms, generally.  We vet sellers on a number of levels to ensure as much as possible high quality products.  And we’re customers too!  Once you’ve made money in algorithmic FX there’s really no other way to invest.  But putting money in someone else’s algorithm is very tricky business, that’s why we created FXBOT.MARKET.  May the pips be with you…

Cloud based copy

>1ms Trade Copy LMAX, MT4, CTrader Masters Supported

Our >1ms trade copier can copy trades from MT4, cTrader, FXCM and LMax to MT4, cTrader, FXCM, LMAX, FIX API.  We have features like “Reverse Orders” – Your Master buys? We send a sell order to your Slaves… You can transform a losing strategy to a winning strategy for your Slaves.  The best part, our copier works in the cloud which means no setup time and cost (VPS, EAs, etc.)  – Clients just click, choose, and trade..

Automated Low Latency Trade Copy

High Quality Algorithms

Risk Management Algorithms

Use algorithms to manage risk and minimize losses.

If you haven’t already discovered automated trading – there’s no better time than now.  Creating a risk management strategy is more important to any overall trading strategy than any other element.  Risk management strategies are best calculated and executed automatically.  Whether you are a day-trader, long term fundamental trader, or high frequency trader, there’s no reason NOT to use an algorithm.  Every chance for profit equals the same chance for loss.  Manage it with algorithms, all @ fxbot.market – get your bot on.

Get it at the bot spot

Get it @ the bot spot, FXBOT.MARKET

Robots do the trading for you!  There are thousands of bots, but at FXBOT.MARKET you can be sure the results are real, and we organize low latency trade copy for you.  Our bots not only trade for you they do the trade copy and other tasks to.  Game on, risk off!

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