We are a marketplace of robots.  Our model is simple; we take 25% from all transactions.  FXBM is broker agnostic.  We are a technology marketplace, the Google Play of FX Bots!  FXBM does not engage in any regulated activities.  We do not sell our own robots, nor do we offer investment advice.  We are the FX Bot Spot.

FXBM was founded by a group of traders who realized early on that FX trading is difficult (or impossible) but the opportunities for algorithmic trading are immense.  We want to sit back and let the robots do the work for us, watching our accounts grow from our Wall St. office.

About our Technology

The core marketplace is built using Joomla as a framework, which has been highly modified with PHP and MySQL.  Our servers run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) the world's largest cloud provider.  We use a number of FX specific technologies to run FX operations such as FX Blue, SkyDesks, and MetaQuotes.

more coming soon...

Our Story

Robot trading has exploded in popularity but related technology hasn't kept up pace.  For example, before FXBM there wasn't a 'robot marketplace' - a place where users could buy and sell robots.  Our goal with the marketplace is to provide a seamless, easy user experience, or '2 clicks to trading' setups, whereby we are automating the process to get trading.  While robots automate the trading of FX, until now - very few processes are automated in the process to get them setup.  This "Process Automation" is being developed exclusively by FXBM and we call this "Botomation."  

Currently, robotic trading is mostly for developers, sophisticated traders, and professionals.  The amount of complicated work involved in getting robots setup and loaded prohibits the average user from accessing this interesting market.  We want to solve that, and thus provide the end user with a simple, easy experience to get involved with trading robots.