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FX Trade Bot

The FX Trade Bot service is a copy bot service which will copy trades from the provider to your account within 1ms – all on the cloud. That means no VPS needed, no installations, no complicated computer setups. Just choose, copy, and trade!

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Expert Advisors

For traders who want to use their own Expert Advisors and are familiar with the Meta Trader 4 or 5 platform, download an EA and install it in your own terminal – you do the configuration. COMING SOON! Scheduled for availability Q2 2018.

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Partners Program

For Introducing Brokers or those in the business we offer a fair and equitable partner program that compensates you for traffic brought to the marketplace. Whether you are a professional broker or an online affiliate we do not discriminate.

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19 February 2018
 FXBOT.MARKET is proud to announce our Partners program is now live!  To learn more or signup visit our partners area by clicking here @ https://www.fxbot.market/partnersIntroducing Brokers, Affiliates, Referral Partn...
17 February 2018
Do you think you have what it takes?  Many traders can profit for days, weeks, or even months.  But do you think you have what it takes for the long haul?  If so, you may be eligible to participate in our Platinum Trader program. ...
14 February 2018
This is our first blog post.  FXBOT.MARKET wants to use this blog to post information about developments, news, resources for clients - as well we want to create a team blog for vendors and sellers to host their own blogs.  This will give v...

Broker Neutral

FXBOT.MARKET is a marketplace, we are not in the financial services business. That means we do not force brokerage on you – choose your own broker or IB.
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FXBOT.MARKET has developed robot automation technology we call Botomation that is a hands off service. Our robot 'Handy' does the work for you. Connecting buyers and sellers and doing the grunt work in the background. Trading systems are automated shouldn't a marketplace be too?


Trading Robot Marketplace

Botomation Technology

Our Botomation technology copies robots on the cloud and trade copies them to client slave accounts inside of 1ms. No EA installation, no hassle

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Let's face it, trading is hard work even if you use Robots. Design, testing, implementation, qualification, archiving - all need to be done precisely. Even if you accomplish all that successfully, it doesn't guarantee your robot will continue to work forever. Trading is difficult! That's why we built FXBOT.MARKET where users can buy and sell proven, working robots. Of course, it doesn't guarantee your robot will always win. It just eliminates a lot of the headache, potential issues, so that developers can focus on development and optimization, not paperwork and marketing. See our Policies for a full explanation of risks, policies, and disclaimers.

Trading is Difficult

let the robots do the work for you

We all know that trading any market is about as easy as building your own car from scratch with no tools. Fortunately, software robots called ‘algorithms’ are being developed daily by a wide range of providers.

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