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Many traders claim to have discovered the holy grail. The founders of FXBOT.MARKET are traders and developers who have systems too. But like any trader – if there’s something else that works better – then why suffer with substandard results? FXBOT.MARKET is an open marketplace where we encourage anyone to offer their trading system. And we provide a number of methods for you to do it, whether you want to offer the EA itself or just a trade copy service, which we call FX Trade Bot. Our FX Trade Bot service connects you to the robot provider automatically, so that you don’t have to fiddle with settings, VPS, and other complicated tasks associated with trading. Just choose, confirm – and trade! A fair marketplace is the best way to ‘filter out’ the noise and find a group of high quality, consistently profitable systems. And the best part – we verify all systems on FXBOT.MARKET directly with the broker so that we can confirm the results are as they claim.

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Of course, our concept only works with good systems. That means we’re scouting the world for the best in Currency Algorithms. As well, FXBM’s Research & Development team is constantly working on better strategies, and working with our sellers to improve their systems. We all want the same thing: consistent profitable trading strategies. This is achieved through hard work, extensive testing and qualification, live simulation, and stress testing. Of course, we can’t eliminate losses, and ultimately trading strategies will have bad days and months. But our deep portfolio approach (meaning out of thousands of strategies a few hundred should be very good) puts us mathematically ahead of the curve, meaning that we are maximizing our chances of success. Plus, most of the algorithms offered are uncorrelated due to the nature of how FX works, making our approach even more robust.

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Let’s face it, most retail customers lose money. We are after the same thing – profitable positive customer books that generate a reasonable amount of volume. Our robots can provide your customers with choices – and we aren’t going to compete for your business. In fact, we have advertising programs for brokers who want to capture our lead flow. Customers who are new to FX may not have an existing brokerage account. Our model is non-regulated and we do not get into any aspect of financial business – we copy algorithms on behalf of our sellers and buyers – and provide electronic downloadable software (including PDF books). As a pure technology provider you can be sure we are not going to compete with you or your IBs.

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Do you want to be compensated by having traders follow your trades, but worry about being copied without payment? Our trade copier is the perfect solution for you, we protect your strategy by performing a discrete trade copy service – no EAs and no LPOA. Also, we collect money from the customers and pay you monthly – no payment no trade copy. It’s all handled automatically in the cloud. Not only will we help find customers for your strategy, we will provide support tools and help you and your clients troubleshoot any problems. We get a percentage of your subscription fees (25%) so we are incentivized to help grow your business! There’s no reason not to sell your strategy on FXBOT.MARKET – we do not require exclusivity that means you can claim ‘as seen on’ FXBOT.MARKET – the FX Bot Spot!

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