Knowledge Base - How to add Past Performance History Data

For FX Trade Bot Vendors, Past Performance can be important.  So FXBOT.MARKET has developed a system we call PhD (Past History Database) which allows vendors to enter their past history by month, and their assets traded.  We verify this manually with Myfxbook (or FXBlue) and display it on your Product's detail page.  To enter PhD data you can do so via your Seller Dashboard, see these instructions:

First, go to your sellers dashboard and click on the product name:

Then, click on the PhD link:

Then, click on the months in the calendar you want to add data for.  It must be consistent going backwards, there cannot be 'gaps' in the data.  There is no limit (minimum or maximum) to the months you add.

Finally be sure to enter your assets traded, and your MyFXBook link for our verification.  Click Store/Save to send this data to admin for approval:



Created : 2018-04-11 18:04:23, Last Modified : 2018-04-11 18:04:23

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