Knowledge Base - How Selling Signals works with FX Trade Bot

This article is for Sellers (Vendors) who want to potentially sell their strategies (leased robots) on FXBOT.MARKET

Basically the model works like this:

1) You sign up as a seller and signal provider (free – we will confirm and complete your registration without any cost to you)

2)  Customers see your results through a system we developed (doing finishing touches during soft launch) very similar to MyFxBook, fully verified results, and they read whatever description you choose to add to describe your methodology for that system…….additionally you choose the price that you feel is appropriate to make providing that signal worthwhile for you while still maintaining the interest of as many customers as possible.

3)  Customer registers and selects your offer and pays through our portal.  We collect the money, deduct 25% transaction fee, and distribute 75% to you each month as a recurring subscription fee for as long as the customer remains subscribed to your system.  Note:  affiliate fees are deducted from our 25%, not your 75%.  You get the full 75% of the subscription fee each month.

4)  Customer’s MT4 account receives your trades (buys, sells, SL, TP, trade closing, modifications or any other actions taken on your account, whether manual or algorithmic) through our cloud-based proprietary trade copier.  Note:  Customer maintains their own MT4 account at the broker of their choice (we are not IB) and selects their own risk, can close any trade at any time if they choose, and remain in complete control of their own account such that they are ‘self-traders’ and you are not ‘managing’ their account so we (you or us) are not subject to regulations regarding managed accounts.  Customers at all times confirm the trades placed on the account and can modify positions, close positions, change the risk of each trade, etc.  They are simply leasing your robot for use on their account.  Each customer may use the robot differently depending on how they want.

5) We provide support both to you and the end user, at our site 


Created : 2017-11-06 15:45:06, Last Modified : 2017-11-06 15:45:06

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