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The manual for sellers of FX Trade Bot product

This manual is for sellers, vendors of FX Trade Bot which is our signals / trade copy service.  Sellers connect their master accounts and allow users to pay and subscribe to receive signals on their self-traded accounts .

How to add a product

 Go to your Seller Dashboard (you should see it automatically when you login) and scroll down, and click "New FX Trade Bot Product"


 Note that you can add as many products as you want.  You will be charged an additional fee per product.

How to edit the Server for an FX Trade Bot Product

First, go to your Seller Dashboard.  You can find it under the top menu Accounts --> Seller Dashboard.  If you are not a seller you will not see this item.

Click on the product you want to enter.  It will open a new window with product information, as depicted here:

Here you can edit the Server and any other info.  Be sure to save it on the bottom.  

How to Add Images or Modify Images of your product

Go to your product page from the Seller Dashboard, by clicking on the Product Name.  Scroll to the bottom.  You will see this:

Select up to 10 images.  When you have more than one image, you must choose one as the 'main' image which will display as your main product image.



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