FXBOT.MARKET LLC (FXBM) was founded in 2017 by seasoned FX professionals, with the final goal in mind to find the world’s best FX algorithms.  We know that not everyone who has a good system will want to sell it, but our second goal (and perhaps more important) is to filter out the fakes and frauds.  We’ve seen it all when it comes to algorithms, the good, bad and ugly.  Our technology partners include big names and small, but we feel our model will verify itself once live.

FXBM Roadmap

  • Q1 2018 Launch live marketplace!
  • Q3 2018 Develop additional product types for sale
    • Offer additional services (such as track record verification)
  • Q1 2019 Seek $5 Million Round 1 investment from Venture Capital on a blockchain platform (perhaps an ICO if the market is available then)
  • Q2 2019 Add other asset classes such as stocks, futures, bonds, and other
  • Q1 2020 Open an SEC ECP Hedge Fund based on top systems verified on the marketplace
  • Q3 2020 Begin development of an ‘artificial intelligence’ robot system selector, a ‘master of masters’ that can allocate in between systems in real time