FXBOT.MARKET is getting ready for our soft launch!  It's already October, 2017 and as of this week we are accepting Sellers of FX strategies that want to be signal providers.  Our core product, FX Trade Bot, is a robot copy service you're probably familiar with 'signals' or 'trade copy.'  We feel that the majority of users will want to use this service as handling an actual EA can be a real pain.  Our Botomation technology copies robots on the cloud and trade copies them to client slave accounts inside of 1ms.  No EA installation, no hassle - just click and copy.

If you'd like to participate in the soft launch, please follow these instructions:

First, register for an account at FXBOT.MARKET.  Then register as a seller here - be sure to register your product and connect your master account.  

Finally, once your product is approved, get some customers!  We'll help with that.

Once we have several live FX Trade Bot customers, we will begin our final phase of development which will include:

  • Site redesign
  • Begin development of Mobile App
  • MT4/MT5 EA product sale

Foreign Exchange is a multi-cultural market - so we've added foreign languages to FXBOT.MARKET.  We added all available languages, including the most common:

Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and German.

See the full list of languages, and how to access them via the language specific sub-domain:

af.fxbot.market for Afrikaans language
sq.fxbot.market for Albanian language
am.fxbot.market for Amharic language
ar.fxbot.market for Arabic language
hy.fxbot.market for Armenian language
az.fxbot.market for Azerbaijani language
eu.fxbot.market for Basque language
be.fxbot.market for Belarusian language
bn.fxbot.market for Bengali language
bs.fxbot.market for Bosnian language
bg.fxbot.market for Bulgarian language
ca.fxbot.market for Catalan language
ceb.fxbot.market for Cebuano language
ny.fxbot.market for Chichewa language
zh-CN.fxbot.market for Chinese (Simplified) language
zh-TW.fxbot.market for Chinese (Traditional) language
co.fxbot.market for Corsican language
hr.fxbot.market for Croatian language
cs.fxbot.market for Czech language
da.fxbot.market for Danish language
nl.fxbot.market for Dutch language
eo.fxbot.market for Esperanto language
et.fxbot.market for Estonian language
tl.fxbot.market for Filipino language
fi.fxbot.market for Finnish language
fr.fxbot.market for French language
fy.fxbot.market for Frisian language
gl.fxbot.market for Galician language
ka.fxbot.market for Georgian language
de.fxbot.market for German language
el.fxbot.market for Greek language
gu.fxbot.market for Gujarati language
ht.fxbot.market for Haitian Creole language
ha.fxbot.market for Hausa language
haw.fxbot.market for Hawaiian language
iw.fxbot.market for Hebrew language
hi.fxbot.market for Hindi language
hmn.fxbot.market for Hmong language
hu.fxbot.market for Hungarian language
is.fxbot.market for Icelandic language
ig.fxbot.market for Igbo language
id.fxbot.market for Indonesian language
ga.fxbot.market for Irish language
it.fxbot.market for Italian language
ja.fxbot.market for Japanese language
jw.fxbot.market for Javanese language
kn.fxbot.market for Kannada language
kk.fxbot.market for Kazakh language
km.fxbot.market for Khmer language
ko.fxbot.market for Korean language
ku.fxbot.market for Kurdish (Kurmanji) language
ky.fxbot.market for Kyrgyz language
lo.fxbot.market for Lao language
la.fxbot.market for Latin language
lv.fxbot.market for Latvian language
lt.fxbot.market for Lithuanian language
lb.fxbot.market for Luxembourgish language
mk.fxbot.market for Macedonian language
mg.fxbot.market for Malagasy language
ms.fxbot.market for Malay language
ml.fxbot.market for Malayalam language
mt.fxbot.market for Maltese language
mi.fxbot.market for Maori language
mr.fxbot.market for Marathi language
mn.fxbot.market for Mongolian language
my.fxbot.market for Myanmar (Burmese) language
ne.fxbot.market for Nepali language
no.fxbot.market for Norwegian language
ps.fxbot.market for Pashto language
fa.fxbot.market for Persian language
pl.fxbot.market for Polish language
pt.fxbot.market for Portuguese language
pa.fxbot.market for Punjabi language
ro.fxbot.market for Romanian language
ru.fxbot.market for Russian language
sm.fxbot.market for Samoan language
gd.fxbot.market for Scottish Gaelic language
sr.fxbot.market for Serbian language
st.fxbot.market for Sesotho language
sn.fxbot.market for Shona language
sd.fxbot.market for Sindhi language
si.fxbot.market for Sinhala language
sk.fxbot.market for Slovak language
sl.fxbot.market for Slovenian language
so.fxbot.market for Somali language
es.fxbot.market for Spanish language
su.fxbot.market for Sudanese language
sw.fxbot.market for Swahili language
sv.fxbot.market for Swedish language
tg.fxbot.market for Tajik language
ta.fxbot.market for Tamil language
te.fxbot.market for Telugu language
th.fxbot.market for Thai language
tr.fxbot.market for Turkish language
uk.fxbot.market for Ukrainian language
ur.fxbot.market for Urdu language
uz.fxbot.market for Uzbek language
vi.fxbot.market for Vietnamese language
cy.fxbot.market for Welsh language
xh.fxbot.market for Xhosa language
yi.fxbot.market for Yiddish language
yo.fxbot.market for Yoruba language
zu.fxbot.market for Zulu language


Welcome to FXBOT.MARKET - A Marketplace for FX Robots.  On this site, users can buy and sell robots for the purposes of trading or analyzing the FX markets.

FXBOT.MARKET is the world's first unique FX marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet.


This website was created using Joomla, the CMS based on LAMP architecture.  It's a stable, open source platform - that can be heavily modified according to our needs.  FX is mostly a low-level language market (i.e. Java, C#, FIX API) so it's only appropriate to use high load servers at AWS using LAMP vs. (insert your commercial alternative).  FXBOT.MARKET is simple; it's the place to buy and sell FX products.  Products can be:

  • Trade robots
  • Indicators / Analysis tools
  • Plugins & Extensions
  • ... Anything

- Admin